Governing for the Common Good.

The COVID-19 public health crisis has dramatically worsened economic and social inequality in Portland, but it has also shown us the value of self-organization and mutual aid.

It has never been more important to govern for the common good. That’s why I’m running a Common Sense, Common Ground Campaign to build consensus on the issues that affect all of us.

Direct Democracy Pledge

“My campaign seeks to center neighborhoods, workplaces, and cultural communities in city policy decisions. If elected, I’ll use the power of my office to increase opportunities and spaces for district residents to self-organize. I’ll also work to remove obstacles to direct democracy, so that the people most affected by a problem are the ones who come up with and help implement the solutions.”

Kate Sykes

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I mean it. The pandemic makes meeting people dangerous and difficult, and social media is not the place to have meaningful conversations.


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Social Media Statement

Our campaign has made a political decision to boycott Facebook in support of “Stop Hate for Profit” and the billions of users whose labor and social networks Facebook commodifies without compensation.