Endorsed by Southern Maine DSA

I’m excited to announce that Southern Maine DSA has endorsed our campaign!

I joined the Democratic Socialist of America after the 2016 election, because I was disillusioned with national politics and wanted to plug into a community that was doing something to fight against the corrupting influence of corporate money in politics. I’ve since served on the Steering Committee as the chapter’s Secretary and Co-Chair and participated in a number of local campaigns and committee projects. Through my work with DSA, I’ve met hundreds of smart, supportive, and uplifting comrades–right here in Portland, and across the state and country–who share the same vision of a world organized around care and cooperation, not fear and competition. We are able to accomplish so much in DSA because we share those values, and we trust each other even when the work gets hard.

These are difficult, confusing, and frightening times for many people, but human beings have survived this long as a species because we are social animals: we work together for the common good. In times of great uncertainty, I believe we need to turn to the people around us–not to the politicians or the pundits–to co-create the solutions. That’s why I’m running a campaign to build a Portland in common. We are a vibrant city full of diverse and compassionate people. Together we can set a new course.

Endorsement: Equity In Portland Schools

Today I’m proud to announce that Equity In Portland Schools has endorsed our campaign…

We endorse Kate Sykes for City Council District 5! She was an organizer with the Fair Elections Portland campaign for Ranked Choice Voting and Public Campaign Financing to bring more consensus, transparency, and accountability to city elections. As Co-Chair of Maine Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), Kate helped to forge a strategic partnership with the Keep Portland Healthy campaign for Paid Sick Days for all workers. She is currently an organizer with People First Portland, a campaign to pass five ballot initiatives this fall. Kate’s track record of working for social justice is proven and impressive. She will be a strong voice in City Hall for all.

“The most effective long-term public safety and economic recovery strategy Portland can implement is high-quality, equitable public schools.”

Kate Sykes

You’re not alone.

I’m Kate Sykes, and today I’m launching our Common Sense, Common Ground campaign for District 5 City Council.

This page is the place to find news about the campaign, statements on current events, opportunities to volunteer, and profiles of the incredible District 5 organizers who are working to make Portland a great place to work, live, and raise a family.

You can check out my bio page to learn more about me, what motivated me to run for office (and why there’s a fish in my logo) but at the end of the day, this campaign isn’t about me. It’s about all of us here in District 5.

Real democracy can only be built on common ground, and finding it starts by speaking from our own experiences and listening to our neighbors. I invite you to share your concerns, ideas, and the volunteer work you’re already doing to strengthen our community by taking this quick survey. I’ll contact you to schedule a call to learn more.

I’ve talked to many of you already and been so inspired by the work you’re doing that I want to share your stories so they can inspire others. None of us is alone in our hopes for a better future.

Let’s build a Portland in common!