Endorsement: Progressive Portland

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been endorsed as Progressive Portland’s #1 ranked-choice candidate for District 5 City Council. “Kate is a champion for workers getting better benefits and for targeted senior property tax relief. She will be a breath of fresh air for District 5.” Progressive Portland Their endorsement means a lot to meContinue reading “Endorsement: Progressive Portland”

Time to Take out the Trash.

Sometimes knowing exactly what a candidate stands for can be tricky. That’s why we made Trash Talk, a handy sorting guide to what Kate thinks Portland needs to toss out, and what we should do instead to make Portland a great place to live and work, not just to visit or invest in. If youContinue reading “Time to Take out the Trash.”

Endorsed by Southern Maine DSA

I’m excited to announce that Southern Maine DSA has endorsed our campaign! I joined the Democratic Socialist of America after the 2016 election, because I was disillusioned with national politics and wanted to plug into a community that was doing something to fight against the corrupting influence of corporate money in politics. I’ve since servedContinue reading “Endorsed by Southern Maine DSA”

Endorsement: Equity In Portland Schools

Today I’m proud to announce that Equity In Portland Schools has endorsed our campaign… We endorse Kate Sykes for City Council District 5! She was an organizer with the Fair Elections Portland campaign for Ranked Choice Voting and Public Campaign Financing to bring more consensus, transparency, and accountability to city elections. As Co-Chair of MaineContinue reading “Endorsement: Equity In Portland Schools”